Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Zombie Jobs?

Zombie Jobs presents you with the most comprehensive list of jobs-from-home posted by a broad variety of companies. We put extraordinary effort to find these career opportunities and compile them in an easy format for your viewing. We also keep it updated daily to help you be among the first applicants and maximize your chances.

What membership plan does Zombie Jobs offer?

Zombie Jobs is a FREE service for our valued customers. You just to create an account and be a member.

Is Zombie Jobs an employment agency or recruiting service?

No, Zombie Jobs is not an employment agency or staffing service. We do not take any part in connecting people into positions. We are an online service that offers curated work-from-home job opportunities and puts them into one easy place for you to find them.

Do I have to pay to see the full job listing?

In order to access the full job listings in our current database you have to be a paid member. Once you are a paid member, you will be able to instantly view and apply to approximately 20,000 jobs from 3000 companies. Free visitors to the site can view a short version of all current job listings to get an actual sense of what is available.

Are all of the jobs on Zombie Jobs work-from-home jobs?

While Zombie Jobs offers many jobs that can be worked remotely, including from home, some jobs maybe part-time, freelance, temporary, seasonal, and flexible schedule jobs, many of which do require the worker to report to a specific location some or all of the time.

Some of the remote jobs I see list a city, state or country. Why is that?

Partial Remote jobs require employees to be close to a specific location in case the company needs the worker to come into the office for meetings, trainings, certifications or other events.

How do I apply for jobs on Zombie Jobs?

First, you need to have a paid subscription to Zombie Jobs to see employers, view full job details, or apply for any job. You may apply directly from the job description page by clicking on the "Apply Now" button.

Are jobs removed from Zombie Jobs database when they are filled?

We hand-clean our database regularly to keep our listings as current and accurate as possible. We remove filled positions on a daily basis.

Does Zombie Jobs guarantee that I’ll get hired?

Zombie Jobs does not guarantee job placement. While we do the research on all the jobs we publish, the hiring process is all handled by the employer directly.

Why isn't the salary listed on a job posting?

It is rare to have employers include salary/pay rate information upfront in job postings. It is typical for employers to discuss salary and pay scale during or after the first round of interviews.


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